Five People Who Are Definitely Going To Hell

In his French play entitled "No Exit", philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said, "Hell is other people." I totally agree with him.

Living in this world, you don't actually have to wait until you die just to face hell. You just have to meet these ten people and you will certainly get a glimpse of afterlife's other side.

So yeah. Here's a list of five people who will definitely go to hell.

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Restrooms, bathrooms, comfort rooms. Cosmopolitan once said, people who peed in the mall restroom tend to make wiser shopping decisions than those who don't. Maybe that explains why people have really high credit limits. Because let's face it. How many public restrooms here in the Philippines are actually clean and pleasant-smelling? Now, who's to blame for this? I don't know about you guys but I'm putting the blame on:

  • The businessmen who don't focus on their maintenance and cleanliness personnel.
  • The government officials who keep on stealing people's hard-earned money.
  • That person who doesn't know how to use a flush, toilet paper, soap, etc and that one person who sits on the toilet bowl.


Some people just tend to abuse the privilege of being close to you, don't they? Just because you're friends with a person doesn't mean that you have to stick your nose up his/her business and say whatever you want to say. Yes, you can be honest. However, you also have to learn when to shut up.
  • Instead of saying "Hey friend, why are you gaining so much weight? You're really fat and disgusting. Ha-ha. LOLjk", try a nicer approach such as "Hey, this food is really delicious but I think we both need to cut down a little for you know, health reasons *wink wink*" OR "Hey, let's work out tomorrow!"
  • Instead of saying "Your Facebook posts are really getting weird.", just shut up.
  • Instead of saying "You don't know anything about my and our other friend's situation. It's not your type of thing", just shut up.


I won't say much about this issue because you've probably read and heard about it in the news and other social media sites. Just ponder on the real culprit here. Should you blame it on your teachers for not pointing it out enough in school? Or your parents who don't know anything about the issue? Or should you blame it on the Internet for supplying us with basically everything we need, making people think that they "own" the Internet? Public domain, my ass. Now, pause for a moment, breathe deeply and LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE! 
Search terms:
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright infringement
  • Creative Commons
  • Your favorite website's terms and conditions

#2: THE HEARTBREAKER, especially the one who broke your Facebook friend's heart.

At most times, I don't usually hate the Facebook/Twitter poster for posting mushy messages and quotes about that person who broke his/her heart. I'm not a hypocrite because I know I used to be that person too. Before the baby came along, I lived almost decade being a brokenhearted pathetic loser who ate her feelings out on the Internet. I hated that person. But I'm not blaming myself. Because I know we're not the criminals in this case - We the brokenhearted pathetic losers are just victims. Victims of jerks who can't man up and break up with us the decent way. 

I wish breaking up/DTR was as easy as deactivating a Facebook account. No more "It's not you, it's me" bullshit, no more "You don't understand me" and no more "I only see you as a friend" lines. Why not try saying, "Sorry this isn't working for me anymore. Let's break up and forget this ever happened" OR "I'm really sorry I don't like you the way you like me. Let's stop being friends, I don't want you to get hurt. Bye". 

Geez, life would be so much better if things worked that way.


Ten years ago, they were just in supermarket lines. I think they're still doing that now. They're even knocking on your door during siesta time just to ask for spare change to "save the children", "fund a youth foundation", and "help the church". Is there a law to make solicitations illegal in the Philippines? Because wherever I go, there seems to be a decent-looking woman handing out a laminated note or an envelope for a certain cause. Hey, I came here to eat. Please stay out of my business. Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

If this was offensive, I'm sorry. I just needed to let it all out. But I do hope you realized something. 

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